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Should The Dallas Cowboys Pursue Barry Church In Free Agency?

Barry ChurchFree agency starts next month and the Cowboys are busy planning which players they want to bring back.  Much like planning for the draft, they have a priority list on which players they should keep and which ones they can do without.  With 18 free agents on the current team, a case can be made for the safety Barry Church being at the top of the list.

Even though a fractured forearm caused him to miss 4 games in the 2016 season, Barry Church had 109 tackles– the second most on the team.   He led team with two interceptions.

Church won’t give the Cowboys many interceptions but there’s very little doubt he is one of the leaders on the defense.  He is great at stopping the run and has improved in coverage.  Church is not a flashy player and he won’t make many highlight reels but he is a solid contributor to their defense.



iPhone 6s Set To Release On September 9th

iPhone 6 Release Date

It is that time of year when back to school is just around the corner, NFL teams are reporting to training camp, and news about Apple’s new phone starts to circulate.  The week of September 7th is when most analysts expect the iPhone 6s to be released and if Apple holds form, Wednesday September 9th is when it should be available.

What can we expect from the iPhone this year?  There is a lot of speculation that Apple will incorporate Force Touch with the iPhone like they have done with the Apple Watch and the new MacBook and MacBook Pro.  Force Touch is a new feature that senses how much pressure is applied on a watch, phone screen, or on a track pad that will execute an action such as launching a link in Safari based upon the pressure that is applied.  This could have a significant impact on developers making photography and game apps.

Other features expected on the iPhone 6s is a better camera, if that is possible, as well as a faster and more efficient wireless chip.  At the same media event coming in September, it is rumored that Apple will showcase the latest iPads and a successor to Apple TV.

Can fall season come any sooner?



Apple Strikes Again with Apple Music

Apple MusicTwelve years after Apple launched the iTunes Store, practically revolutionizing the world of digital music downloads, the American giant came up with a brand new service designed to bring music lovers an even better music experience: Apple Music.

Combining state-of-the-art online radio app programming with an affordable, feature-rich music streaming service, Apple has recently launched the Apple Music service bundled within the latest iOS and iTunes devices and available as a pre-installed app for newer iOS and OS X machines.

Unlike iTunes, which focuses on a wide variety of media and is not available for a flat subscription fee, Apple Music offers full access to the 30+ million song Apple music catalog.

Apple Music also offers the following exclusive features for its members, available at an affordable cost that’s even lower than the amount one might spend on a single album:

  • The ability to play, like and save content from Connect or radio songs;
  • Unlimited streaming access to the Apple Music Library for all Apple Music members;
  • Users have the power to add streaming Apple Music songs to their personal libraries;
  • Listeners can also get expert recommendations and save songs for offline listening.

Experts consider that Apple has truly outdone itself with this new service available not only on iPhones, iPads, Macs and watchOS, but also on non-iOS PCs and mobile devices.

The service is designed to run in parallel with iTunes, so that the well-known service from Apple that has been running since 2003 is not obsolete. Also, there are several elements that make Apple Music stand out from among services like Spotify, Rdio, Tidal and other streaming music services. These include Beats 1 – a radio offering that features live broadcasts from DJs in Los Angeles, London and New York, curated playlists and the Connect artist-based social networking feature.

The Apple Music service stands out as one of the most successful new entry on the digital music market, and with millions of users worldwide already expressing their satisfaction regarding the service, it seems Apple is on the right track once more.



The Amazon Kindle Fire 7 HD For $150

Kindle Fire HD AmazonBlack Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone but here’s how you can buy the Amazon Kindle Fire HD (7 inch) for $150.  Sign up for the Amazon credit card and get $50 deposited into your account immediately to use on your purchase.  It’s a short form to fill out and you will know in about a minute if approved.  In order to get the $50 credit, you must use either the Chrome or Firefox browser.  If you use Internet Explorer, Amazon will only give you $30.  Go figure.  The Kindle Fire HD is $199 but the $50 gift card from Amazon will bring the price down to $150.  You can always close the Amazon credit card after you pay it off or keep it and earn Amazon points towards future purchases.

The Kindle Fire HD is the most gifted item on Amazon for the 2012 holiday shopping season.  It’s not surprising considering the hardware specs that includes a dual core processor, the HD display with 1280×800 resolution, and the Dolby audio dual speakers.  The Kindle Fire HD has a higher pixels-per-inch than the iPad Mini– 216 compared to 163 on the Mini which translates to a better looking display.  And the iPad Mini costs $130 more.

Click here for the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and here for the Amazon credit card.



Nokia Lumia 900 For Free And Get $50 Back.

Nokia just released their flagship phone running Windows Mobile 7.5 on AT&T’s LTE network.  The Lumia 900 is equipped with a single core 1.4 Ghz processor, a 4.3″ AMOLED ClearBlack screen, a one piece polycarbonate body,16GB of internal memory, and 512MB RAM.  So far the feedback from the users have been great.  The Lumia 900 has recorded 165 five star customer reviews from Amazon.

The release hasn’t been totally flawless for Nokia however.  Customers reported a connectivity issue with AT&T’s LTE network.  Nokia acknowledge that it’s a software problem and not an AT&T problem.  The solution is a fairly simple software update by downloading Zune for the PC or MAC to push out the update.  Or you can visit an AT&T store to swap out your phone for a new one.

This is a buying opportunity for potential Nokia Lumia 900 customers.  As a “make good” to their customers, Nokia, for a limited time, will credit customers with a $100 on their next AT&T bill.  The phone retails for $99 and with this offer, it’s basically free.  However, if you buy from Amazon Wireless, you actually make $50 back as it goes for $49 at Amazon with new or an upgraded contract.

Click here for more details at Amazon Wireless.

From the Nokia Press release:

“We identified a software issue that could potentially cause a loss of data connectivity in the Lumia 900 sold in the United States. This issue is with the phone software, and is not related to AT&T’s LTE network. We have corrected the issue and a software fix will soon be available for download via Zune or Mac Connector.

As customer satisfaction is at the forefront of everything we do, we have devised a comprehensive consumer program for people who have purchased a Lumia 900. They can either wait for the software update, which should go live on or about April 16, or swap their device for a new one,” Nowak explained. “As a gesture, we are also offering a $100 credit to their AT&T bill to those individuals who have purchased a Lumia 900.”



Microsoft Has A Hit. Should You Buy The Xbox Kinect?

It appears that Microsoft has a hit on their hands with their new Xbox Kinect.   Amazon has sold out their inventory and is selling them through their Featured Merchants network.  Of course Ebay has them which is normal for popular items that sell out.  Why is it such a hit?  By getting rid of the controller, the Xbox Kinect puts you right in the middle of the game. No controller, no joy stick; you become the avatar for the game. You make that avatar come to life right on your TV. With this, you break what is known as the “fourth wall” of gaming, taking you deeper and further into the gaming experience. Your interaction with the game will change the way you look at motion control.

It moves with self tracking, through its infrared; and red, blue, and green camera. It makes every game you play so much more enjoyable, and a real experience like no other. If friends come over while you’re playing this, they can jump right in, no restarting necessary. With its 48 point tracking and its amazing facial recognition software, it is further blurring the line between the gaming world and the real one.

If you and some friends feel like staying in and watching a movie, you can just say “Netflix” out loud, and the Kinect will load your Netflix right on your Xbox, letting you choose what movie you want with a simple wave of your hand, or just saying the title of the movie you wish to see.

What’s that, the pizza guy just rang the door bell? Just reach up and “grab” the pause button in thin air, or say “pause” and your game will stop, so you can run out to answer the door.

The Xbox Kinect is changing the home entertainment experience in new and innovative ways. It’s not just for the younger crowd, either. It even appeals to people of all ages by getting them off the couch and into the game. This is the kind of thing that people see, then just have to try for themselves.

The closest thing to the new Xbox Kinect is the Nintendo Wii. Unlike the Wii, the Kinect doesn’t have controllers. The Kinect offers much more versatility with your freedom of movement. You actually feel as though you are part the game, as opposed to just being beside it.

The Sony PS3 also has movement capture technology, but it also has controllers, limiting your interaction with the game. With the Xbox Kinect, it’s set up to link to multiple platforms within the Windows empire. Your Windows phone, Live Messenger, and other devices, all interact with the Xbox Kinect, using its cutting-edge technology.

The launch titles that come with it are truly one of the coolest ones out there. The Kinect comes with Kinect Adventures which allow the whole family can get into the game. With the 20 levels and the amazing interaction with you and the game, you and your family are sure to have a good time. Leave it Microsoft to know exactly what the next generation of entertainment will be. Get a jump on the Microsoft Xbox Kinect this holiday season, and give your family the ultimate gaming and home entertainment experience.



Malicious Website Uses Justin Bieber As Bait

The anti spyware tool, Panda Security from PandaLabs, has uncovered more than 200 fake web addresses using they name ‘Justin Biber’ as bait to attract users to download spyware. The operators of these fake websites have optimized their sites so that when a user searches for the term “Justin Bieber”, these malicious sites appear at the top of the searches.  Once someone clicks on a link, they will be asked to confirm a download which installs the spyware or fake virus on their computer called MySecurityEngine.  This program will make it appear like their computer has been infected and offer a way to remove it by paying $50 for the removal tool kit.

Some example search terms that were used to attract users:

* justin bieber takes estrogen pills did justin bieber died
* justin bieber smoking weed
* justin bieber born in 1998
* justin bieber north korea
* justin bieber arrested
* justin bieber died
* justin bieber drinking problem
* justin bieber gender change operation
* justin bieber hermaphrodite
* justin bieber i m gay!
* justin bieber pregnant
* justin bieber removes left testicle

This method has been used before when Iron Man 2 was released and when the TV show Lost aired it’s series finally episode.  By taking advantage of popular events, these malicious web site owners target users searching for information on these shows or movies and draw them to their site.

PandaLabs advise surfers to use precaution when clicking on suspicious links and to keep their anti spyware software up to date.



Eligible Drivers Can Save On California Auto Insurance

With everyone watching their budget and unemployment as high as it is in California, drivers are looking for ways to cut costs.  For some, foregoing on their auto insurance policy might be tempting to reduce the monthly bills but such a drastic action could have dire outcomes and could cost more than the automobile coverage itself.   Having an auto accident while not insured could result in a huge financial burden for many drivers.

One such alternative is a program made available by the California Department of Insurance (CDI), which could assist some drivers who lack the income to continue traditional auto coverage. The California Low Cost Automobile Insurance (CLCA) program, which is now accessible throughout the state, helps secure California car insurance for residents who have at least three years of being continuously licensed, live below certain income levels, use a car worth less than $20,000 and keep a relatively good driving record.  Interested drivers can answer a brief  set of questions on the CDI’s website to determine if they qualify.

Drivers who are eligible will be able to obtain coverage at rates determined for their respective counties. As of May 2009, the costs for the program’s liability coverage ranged between $161 and $361. That compares pretty well to the most recent data released by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, which estimated that the average cost for a liability policy in California in 2007 was $465. Drivers considering the program should note, though, that the discounted rates come with coverage levels lower than the already low state-required minimum coverage.



Ford Launches New Ad Campaign Targeting African Americans

Ford Motor Company is launching a new corporate advertising campaign targeting the African American community that centers on the company’s strengths as it relates to quality, technology, the environment and the community.

The fully integrated marketing ALL IN campaign provides an opportunity for Ford to tell its turnaround story through the eyes of individuals who play a key role in shaping Ford Motor Company. Its goal is to reach those consumers who may be familiar with the Ford brand and its recent success stories, but might not be aware of some behind-the-scenes moments and collective efforts that took place as part of the company’s turnaround plan.

“Our strategy with the ALL IN campaign was simple – we wanted to share Ford’s turnaround story in a way where we could highlight the ALL IN approach that had to come into play as it relates to individuals from all areas of the business coming together to reach common goals,” said Shawn Lollie, Ford multicultural marketing manager. “Through this campaign, we get the chance to tell some of those stories while also shining a spotlight on key African American executives inside Ford who helped to create the Ford of today.”

CBS Sports personality James Brown a key figure in ALL IN digital execution

In addition to print ads, radio spots and event integrations, the campaign includes a digital component that features CBS Sports personality James Brown. Brown, who has partnered with Ford in the past as part of its 2010 Ford Taurus launch campaign narrates the Ford story through a series of web videos that speak to quality, technology, the community and the environment.

The videos include one-on-one conversations, with Brown as moderator and the Ford executives discussing their personal success stories and talking about the past, present and future of the company. The web videos will live on and will also be shown at major African American-sponsored events throughout the year.

Ford’s Group Vice President of Global Quality, Bennie Fowler; John Viera, director of sustainable business strategies; Pamela Alexander, director of community development, Ford Motor Company Fund; and Jason Johnson, a product development engineer at Ford are all featured as part of the digital execution.

The entire advertising campaign was created by The UniWorld Group, Ford’s African American advertising agency of record.



Too Much Surfing Can Lead To Teen Depression

A new study from Pediatrics shows teenagers who spend too much surfing the internet are more likely to develop depression than teens are who categorized as normal surfers.

Researchers in Australia and China studied pathological or uncontrolled Internet use and later mental health problems in 1,041 teenage students in China. The students were free of depression and anxiety at the start of the study.

Sixty-two of the teenagers were classified at the start of the study as being moderately pathological users of the Internet, and two were found to be severely at risk for uncontrollable urges to go online.

Nine months later, the youngsters were evaluated again for anxiety and depression and 87 were judged as having developed depression. Eight reported significant anxiety symptoms.

Researchers say that their work suggests that teens who use the Internet pathologically may be about 2.5 times more likely to develop depression than  teens who are not addicted to the Internet.

Depression is common among teenagers; each year, an estimated 2 million teens and preteens develop clinical depression, and last year the federal government recommended that all teenagers be screened for depression. So parents may want to note the link between “Internet addiction” and depression, and keep a closer eye on children who depend on screen time as a pacifier or mood stabilizer. A recent study also found a correlation between video game use and ADHD. Like the “Internet addiction” study, no causal link has been proven, but one-third of children exceed the two hours of daily TV and computer screen time recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.