Over the years there have been different comments from people about the weight stigma in Hollywood. For people who struggle with their weight, the stigma it’s not funny at all. “The sad thing is people pay more attention to a fat suit than a fat person”

British movie star Emma Thompson, who acted in popular features like Harry Potter, Brideshead Revisited (2008), Men in Black 3 (2012) and Beauty and the Beast (2017). She criticized the movie industry for the pressure they put on female actors to lose weight. In a recent interview with Swedish talk show Skavlan, she jokingly said she couldn’t move to the US because every time she goes to Los Angeles, she thinks she’s too fat to be there.

There have been numerous claims by actors being forced to lose weight for movies. In 2011 actress Jennifer Hudson, the spokeswoman for weight watchers after dropping an incredible 80 pounds revealed the discrimination she faced prior to her weight loss. In 2016, actress Ashley Benson in an interview with ocean drive talked about how she was turned down for a role because she was too fat” (she’s apparently a size two).

Hollywood has approved of some curvy celebrities: Rebel Wilson in the Pitch Perfect and Melissa McCarthy in Spy and Tammy. However, the industry is seriously lacking representation for women of all sizes. Stars are speaking out about these weight issues in Hollywood and it is hoped that they can push the conversion further so there can be true equality.

People make the assumption that an overweight person is unhealthy and that only thin people are truly healthy. This is a big misconception. The fact is that you can be fat and healthy and also thin and unhealthy.