Amy Schumer Stole Jokes for Netflix Stand Up, Rating Flunked

Netflix standup comedienne Amy Schumer gets criticized after the social media began reporting bad reviews about her show.

With her new Netflix special, her copied jokes were tagged as “horribly unfunny”. She is also accused as a joke stealer for grabbing ideas from standup comedians who told the same jokes a decade back. She was not able to quote nor attribute the joke ideas to them. This may just be too damaging for her career.

Alt-right group were said to have encouraged social media users to see The Leather Special and fill it with one-star ratings.

A video on Youtube was uploaded where the comedienne was accused of copying old jokes from Dave Attell and Dave Chappelle. Jokes sounded just as identical with the original ones. Youtube videos were made to present a comparison of the live standup shows.

In a set way back in 2003, Dave Attell told a joke to his audience asking them if they ever blacked out while they were drinking, and he called it, time travel.

Amy’s Joke fourteen years to the future also asked an identical question pertaining to drinking. She asked if there was anyone from her audience who has ever experienced a blackout and became awake upon coming out of it. She thinks it is cool because it feels like you were a like a time traveler and then you just come back inside your body.

Another stolen joke from 2005 was originally told by Dave Chappelle. He shared a bit about having sex with his partner asking her where he should “come”. He then pointed out to funny locations where to shoot it like on top of the television and inside a fish bowl.

Schumer’s joke was just so identical with Chappelle’s only that her’s was about suggesting to her boyfriend to come in a jar while acting like she was pointing at an actual jar.

Sharing both stolen jokes did not make her sound funny for her audience, especially to those who certainly could remember such familiar jokes from senior standup comedians.

This is not the first time people called the criticized comedienne’s attention for the copied jokes. There were also some jokes that seems to be “inspired by”, yet very similar to those of John Mulaney, Marc Maron and Patrick O’Neal.

Despite the bashing for her stolen jokes, she still managed to handle the criticisms and accusations against her to put up a good career in this entertainment field.

She said in a statement that she is really proud and happy about her Netflix special and that she was also thankful to those who have supported her online. She is proud about being the first female comedian who makes a lot in the arenas around the globe.

She felt so embarrassed for the people behind the bashing who, to her, thought of themselves as “journalists” who reported on things like this as if they were some news.

Best known for her television appearances and comic acts, 35-year-old Schumer also finished a degree in theater and has been awarded many times including winnings at the Golden Globe and Teen’s Choice Awards. She has also played minor roles in some Hollywood films.