April is Going to Be a Very Entertaining Month for the Hollywood Movie Fans


Some movies get released, do a decent business and get removed from the theaters. Others some leave a huge impact on the viewers. People always wait for such movies, and now it seems like the wait is over now.

One of the most awaited action movies is about to be released and it is expected that this movie will bring millions of fans into the theater. Yes, it is : Fast & Furious 8. It will be the first installment of the Fast & Furious movie franchise after Paul Walker’s death.

The cast is nearly the same as Fast & Furious 7, but people will miss their favorite actor: Brian O’Conner. Paul Walker and Vin Diesel have made all of the installments of Fast & Furious movie memorable. People liked the high action and drama throughout the movies and you should expect the similar results in the upcoming installment.

It is expected that Dwayne Johnson will be visible in more scenes than he was in previous installments of the movie. In fact, Jason Statham’s action scenes will turn Fast & Furious 8 into a highly entertaining and enjoyable movie. Let’s wait and watch, what this amazing Hollywood film offers us.

What else can you expect to see in the theaters this month?

There are some interesting movies that will entice you to visit the theater. One of those movies is Going in Style. This movie stars Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Joy King and Christopher Lloyd in the leading roles. The three older guys are the best buddies in the movie who set out to rob a bank.

Another movie offering, which is releasing right after, is The Promise. It is a periodic drama film, starring Oscar Isaac, Christian Bale, and Charlotte Le Bon in the main roles. This movie is based on true story and it will present a love story with a mutiny.

Another great movie, which is releasing on April 28, 2017, is The Circle. This stars Emma Watson and Tom Hanks in the lead characters. Emma Watson plays a new employee, while Tom Hanks is her boss. This movie is based on “The Circle” novel.

Other impressive titles may lure a large number of movie fans towards the theater. These movies include Smurfs: the Lost Village, Free Fire, Spark and Unforgettable.

Get ready to enjoy your weekends with some high-action and high-drama movies in April – is going to be a very entertaining month.