North Carolina was the first state in the United Stated to implement a so-called “bathroom bill”. The legislation decrees that a person should use the public restroom facilities that matches the sex on their birth certificate. The measure was meant to shield females and children, the potentially trauma and danger of sharing bathroom or shower facilities with anatomical males.

The law was heavily criticized as being bigoted against transgendered people. The backlash, in the form of an economic boycott of the state, was joined by the NCAA championships, the NBA All-Star Game and Bruce Springsteen. However, with those few exceptions, the boycott is pretty much a bust.

The Washington Times has reported that, despite the boycott, tourism in North Carolina is at record levels. Hotel occupancy and room rates set new records across the board in 2016. North Carolina has continued to successfully attract and create new businesses, while the overall unemployment rate has remained steady at 5.3 percent.

Lt. Gov. Dan Forrest has suggests that the economic impact of the boycott efforts has been less than one-tenth (1/10) of one percent. This assessment has been widely disputed by Democrats.

The state of Texas is also considering a North Carolina-like “bathroom bill”. The Texas bill alos mandates that people use public bathrooms facilities that correspond with the sex on their birth certificates. The bill has also drawn critisism from businesses including Google and the National Football League.