Brazilian Goalkeeper Who Had His Ex-Lover Fed to Dogs Returns to Play

32-year-old Brazilian goalkeeper, Fernandes “Bruno” de Souza, has just been released from the prison after serving only seven years out of his twenty-two-year sentence to play soccer again.

On Tuesday, he is expected to be re-introduced as the new star for Boa Esporte Clube from the Minas Gerais State.

People have been infuriated about the release of the murderer and torturer who ordered the feeding of his ex-lover’s dismembered body to rottweilers.

Back in May of 2009, the married goalkeeper met Brazilian model Eliza Samudio at a sex party where other football players would usually go to.

Fernandes fell for her and got her pregnant. After knowing this, he told her to have the child aborted. However, the 25-year old model refused to do so. In February 2010, she gave birth to a son whom she named Bruninho, which means “little Bruno.”

Eliza presented to Bruno a DNA proving that he was the father of her son Bruninho. He asked him to be taken to the court and provide her with a child support for the baby boy.

On the same year in June, Eliza was lured into a vehicle with her baby and was told that Bruno was about to surprise her with a house. Later she was taken to the apartment of Bruno. This was where Eliza was tortured in front of her son for six days while being tied on a chair.

The people who took turns in torturing her were the wife of Fernandes, his cousin, an ex-policeman named Marcos Santos and another girlfriend. They claimed that Bruno himself was watching while Marcos did ruthless tortures on the lady. Music was played in the apartment so as to drown the loud noise of her screaming. She was strangled to death using a tie as the baby boy was in front of her.

Eliza’s body was dismembered and chopped into pieces before being fed to the dogs. Her bones were believed to have been buried in a concrete while the baby boy was thrown somewhere in a favela or a Portuguese urban area.

The authorities took Bruno in and asked if he knew where his girlfriend was but the goalkeeper simply told them that model Samudio could have left the country already.

There were personal items found inside Bruno’s car, which included sandals and sunglasses with bloodstains around. Bruno’s cousin confessed eventually about the murder that had happened despite the fact that Fernandes would continue to deny his involvement in the crime.

Members of the gang involved in the brutal crime were sentenced between five and twenty-two years in prison while the goalkeeper, Bruno, was given to serve at least twenty-two years and three months for the murder.

Surprisingly, Bruno’s legal team was able to manage and secure the release of the soccer player just last month. Only seven years were served in the prison.

Bruno took the imprisonment to be a learning experience rather than a punishment for the crime he committed.

Although there have been many protests, club owner Rone Moraes da Costa still believes that people should not be condemned to prison for a lifetime nor to death.

Fernandes is scheduled to have a medical testing at the Boa Clube on Tuesday and to be followed by a press conference.