Director’s 1977 Rape Case Hindered Visit to Wife’s Grave in US

Renowned film Director, Roman Polanski, appeals to visit his murdered wife’s grave in the United States, but a possibility of imprisonment for a 1977 statutory rape case hinders him.

Harland Braun, Polanski’s lawyer, announced that he is finding a good solution to his unique case. However, a prosecutor said that the famous filmmaker was getting some special treatment and dictated how the case should proceed in his absence and from a distance.

Los Angeles Times reported that the director’s lawyer insists that in the middle of his Los Angeles jail time and ten months imprisonment inside a Swiss jail back in 2009, he had already served enough number of years in prison.

Braun suggested that Polanski’s case should be ended as the fugitive director requests to go back to the United States to visit his murdered ex-wife’s grave, Sharon Tate. However, his rape charges make it impossible for him to step on the American soil without being arrested.

On February 20, 1977, the Oscar winner Polanski was charged with a rape case for a 13-year old girl named Samantha Geimer at Jack Nicholson’s house. During the modeling shoot, Polanski handed her some alcohol and Quaalude.

It was Oscar winner actress Anjelica Huston who caught the director and the 13-year old model leaving the place of Nicholson, whom she was dating at that time. Polanski said that they just took photos of Geimer and that left her with no second thoughts of the sexual assault. She just did not mind the incident until detectives had started to raid her house the very next day.

Roman Polanski denied of raping the innocent Geimer, although he admitted the illegal sexual intercourse with the teenager. He then fled to France just hours before he was about to be sentenced. He feared of getting imprisoned and deported if caught.

The victim Samantha Geimer said in an interview that she has already forgiven Roman Polanski and thinks that the rape case should already come to an end. She also told in an interview with TMZ that Roman has apologized, telling her that he was sorry and did not mean to hurt her. Geimer does not want to bring along with her a heavy resentment for what has happened to her in her youth anymore.

Samantha Gailley, the victim’s maiden name as she was known during that time, has published her memoir entitled, “The Girl: A Life in the Shadow of Roman Polanski” with a revised paperback edition in 2014.

The statutory rape Polanski has admitted made some of the serious charges to be dropped. He was only able to serve an initial of 42 days of imprisonment before he went out on bail.

In 1978, a judge was supposed to scrap the plea deal for Polanski and bring him into jail again for several decades. It was when Polanski has then fled to France and be on the run since then.

The French-Polish filmmaker Polanski is a winner of an Academy Award for Best Director for his film in 2002 entitled, “The Pianist” with two other movies also being nominated. These were “Chinatown” (1974) and “Tess” (1979).

Born to Polish-Jewish parents in 1933, he grew up surviving the Holocaust. His real name is Rajmund Roman Thierry Polanski.