Google is providing marketing professionals extra control over their advertisements after a multitude of brands stopped spending on ads in the United Kingdom over issues regarding offensive content.

Alphabet Inc. greatly broadened its interpretation of hate speech under its advertising policy to include groups (such as refugees) and incendiary language regarding gender as well as sexual preference. The expanded policies will also apply to YouTube and Google’s wide-spread network of paid advertising.

Philipp Schindler, Google’s chief business officer, wrote on Monday that “we know advertisers don’t want their ads next to content that doesn’t align with their values. So starting today, we’re taking a tougher stance on hateful, offensive and derogatory content,”

The steps are aimed at combating criticism that the internet search titan has not sufficiently instituted policies to curbed hateful speech online. However, the new moves will also drag Google further into a the intense public debate over censorship and fake news.