John Mayer’s New Song Is for Katy Perry

John Mayer said that he is not thinking about anyone else for his latest single, “Still Feel like Your Man,” except Katy Perry.

He admits that he is missing the Roar singer.

Mayer revealed in one of the posts of New York Times on Thursday that the song is indeed about Perry whom he had been dating and writing letters with back in 2013. The on-and-off exclusive dating only lasted for more than a year.

John Mayer said that he has not dated too many girls for the past 5 or 6 years. It does make sense that the song was written for Katy.

The lyrics spoke a few lines about their dating. A line says that the singer still keeps her shampoo in his shower just in case she would want to wash her hair. It also talked about the letters they would send each other and the parties John would have wanted to leave early just to be home.

Mayer’s latest album is entitled “The Search for Everything.” Other tracks in it are also some of the breakup songs he made.

John Mayer confessed to The New York Times that he was emotional about writing the songs. He said that there would be times when tears came falling from his eyes thinking about the on-and-off relationship that he had with Katy Perry. He knew that coming up with the song and the whole new album was more than just the breakup. It was something deeper for him.

Mayer also said that ever since his split with Perry, he found it too difficult to date other people even with the help of a dating application.

At this stage of his life, he already wants to settle down and be with someone whom he could start building a family with.

Later on, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry stopped dating each other after a year.

Just in July last year, the actor-singer couple bumped into John Mayer while having a date.

John Mayer has also been believed to be a subject of a break-up song from Taylor Swift, “Dear John.” Mayer and Swift were reportedly dating for a few months in 2009 when Taylor was only nineteen years old. Taylor did not confirm officially that the song was about him.

Back in 2012, Mayer felt so embarrassed about Taylor’s song, “Dear John,” for containing lyrics that asked the song’s subject if he thinks that nineteen is quite a young age to be played with by some dark twisted games.

Taylor Swift, however, exclaimed in an interview with Glamour that she never reveals to anybody who her songs are about.

Katy Perry once shared in a magazine interview that her track called “Legendary Lovers” from her 2013 Prism album was actually about her secret pen pal, John Mayer.

She said that they have gone through quite a long courtship before they officially went public about their love relationship.

They wrote love letters to each other and it seemed as if they were “legendary lovers.”