A western New York home is completely encased in ice after to five days of strong winds and freezing temperatures. The property is actually a remote beach house that sits 25 feet or so from the shore of Lake Ontario. The owners of this house on the shores of Lake Ontario won’t be going home any time soon freezing temperatures and high winds left the residence frozen solid. The house, along the shores of Lake Ontario, does not have a retaining wall.

A good portion of Lake Ontario was covered in ice by the end of February, with nearly all of the central and eastern sections of the lake ice covered.

Last year, winter waves froze a car in place along the shore of Lake Erie after inches of ice encased one side of the vehicle parked overnight next to Lake Erie near Buffalo, New York. The owner of a car said he left the vehicle by the shoreline while he went off to drink.Three days after it was found encased in ice, the so-called ice car of upstate New York was finally freed.