Liam Payne Admits Pregnant Girlfriend Cheryl Is His Dream Girl

Former One Direction Band member, Liam Payne, admits that his pregnant girlfriend, Cheryl, has always been his dream girl since he was still a little younger. The English singer used to be part of the group called “Girls Aloud” back in 2002.

The couple first met in 2008 when Cheryl was twenty-four years old and Liam was only fourteen at the X Factor audition. Photos during the time of the young Liam’s audition for X Factor, where he gave his future girlfriend a wink, also resurfaced. His dream girl Cheryl thought it was a cute gesture.

Payne told Rollacoaster Magazine that he is proud to have the most adorable girlfriend.

According to previous reports about Cheryl’s pregnancy, the couple is planning to have both of their mothers to help in looking after their first-born for the first weeks. There is just so much excitement surrounding the anticipation of the giving of birth of their baby.

Liam’s mother, Karen, is actually a nursery nurse and will surely be able to give the best care and advice for the couple’s baby.

One Direction Band has gotten into fame singing their first hit from their 2011 Up All Night Album, “What Makes You Beautiful” that gained them millions of fans from around the globe.

Following Zayn Malik’s exit in 2015, Payne also left the group in July 2016.

According to an official autobiography from the Girls Aloud that was written and published back in 2008, the beautiful performer said that she would not want to get a nanny to look after her child when she becomes a mother.

The thirty-three-year-old expectant mother shared that motherhood is an important and sacred event in a woman’s life. For her, it was what life is all about.

Girls Aloud was a pop girl group formed back in the year 2002 through an ITV Talent Show named Popstars: The Rivals. Top hits of the group included “Sound of the Underground,” “Love Machine,” and “Biology.”

Cheryl was one of the thousands of girls who went for an audition to join an all-girl group to compete for the U.K. singles chart.

In September 2010, Cheryl was able to publish and release her first book, which she gave the title “Through My Eyes.” It showcased the studio recordings and backstage happenings from her photo shoots to the awarding ceremonies she would attend.

Cheryl began performing solo in 2009 with her hit “Fight For This Love.”

In 2006, she got married to a football star Ashely Cole. They divorced in 2012 after finding out that her husband has been unfaithful to her.

In addition to her fame, she also studied ballet at the Royal Ballet School in England. She began dancing at nine years old. She also won in various modeling competitions and have appeared in several advertisements as a kid.

Liam and Cheryl – whose real name is Cheryl Ann Tweedy, made their relationship official in 2015 and they are expecting their first child to be born anytime this March.