Mcdonald’s Apologized for Hacked Twitter Account Bashing Trump

McDonald’s announced on Friday that one of its main Twitter accounts was hacked into by an unknown external source.

The rude message of a possible Trump-hater, on Thursday morning, called President Trump as a vile excuse for his position with small hands and would like the former President Barack Obama to be back.

The actual message was quickly deleted by the food chain company. McDonald’s spokeswoman, Terri Hickey, said in a statement that the incident is already under investigation.

Even if the rude tweet has already been deleted by Mcdonald’s, it still made its way to more readers on the social media as it was re-tweeted for more than one thousand times. It drew more public audience.

The global fast-food company is still having the matter investigated. They were at least able to know that their official account has been hacked by an unknown source. Mcdonald’s also made sure that they took rapid action to have it secured and not to be hacked again. They were also apologetic that this kind of tweet was sent via their corporate Twitter account.

There have been so many incidents were hacking became an issue to many accounts being intruded via different social media platforms. Various famous people from all over the globe have at least experienced this intrusion of their privacy. Others even had scandals leaked from their accounts.

Back in April 2013, there was also a reported hacking incident of the Associated Press account, where an invalid post announcing the attack on the White House resulted in the decline of the United States’ stock markets at the time due to public panic.

It may be difficult to predict the group of hackers who are accountable for the tweeting of the hostile message using Mcdonald’s corporate Twitter account, however, chances are that the message was only tweeted by a particular group of people who hated Trump for his most recent movements regarding some Islamic nations and the policies for the illegal immigrants in the United States.

Trump and his administration continue to lead crusades to restrict a group of Muslim nations despite oppositions from the federal judiciary of the United States. The president also gave warnings to American Citizens against stepping into South Asian nations, which also included India.

Just in January this year, Trump demanded a questionable ban of ninety days for the travelers from the Islamic nations Iran, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Iraq, and Syria.

The President defended that these seven counties were identified by the administration of Barack Obama as terror sources. He said that the media may be wrongly making reports on the matter and that it was just about maintaining a safe country under his leadership.

Apart from Mcdonald’s, the United States President Donald Trump is also normally seen enjoying fast-food meals from KFC. He would also tweet photos of himself munching on fast-food while being at the election campaign in the United States. Mcdonald’s also released an advertisement in 2002 where Trump was with the chain’s mascot, Grimace, while promoting a $1 Big N’ Tasty Burger.