Miesha Tate Stays Retired Unless Matched With Ronda Rousy

MMA bantamweight champon Miesha Tate decides to stay retired unless she is matched with Ronda Rousy for the third time after losing to her.

Tate announced her retirement in the combative sport in November. Her retirement followed after she lost to Raquel Pennington at UFC 205.

The purple belter in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu said that she has decided to let go of fighting opportunities and to interact more with her fans in-person. The lifestyle she is currently having gives her more happiness and satisfaction more than when she would prepare for an actual competition. She just likes the feeling of being more connected with her fans. She has fought for 11 years of her life and has now thought of enjoying the sport she loves in a different way.

Ronda Rousy is an undisputed champion for being the first female to win a UFC Bantamweight Championship in 2013. She was so determined that women should have a place for the UFC, and with that, she made history by opening the doors to more potential female fighters.

Ronda has also starred in movies like The Fast and the Furious 7, Entourage, The Athena Project, and The Expendables 3 – her first appearance in a film.

Miesha Tate, on the other hand, also starred in a film called Fight Valley in 2016. An announced sequel to it, Fight Valley 2: Lockdown, will be also be shown in theaters this year.

Whatever the accomplishments Miesha has had in her 11-year career, as she would emphasize on most interviews, it does not erase the fact that she had some losses to Ronda. She does not dwell on these anymore, instead, she prefers to focus more on the better things she has done during her career.

As for “Cupcake”, her combat fight days are quite over although she is still hopeful in getting herself connected with competitive mixed martial arts. She only wants to compete in grappling events like submission-only.

Tate is firm on her decision and called it a career last 2016. She is happily proud of all that she has done and for being a part of the pioneering group of women in the world of mixed-martial arts.

Ronda Rousy, like Tate, is also currently in a hiatus from competitions in the Octagon after her second loss. Rousy spent one year away from the battle before going back to fight Amanda Nunes on New Year’s Eve. Nunes only spent 46 seconds to put down Rousy on that fight.

Cupcake was at least able to finish a good career carrying with her an 18-7 record. She also won in both the Strikeforce and in the women’s bantamweight championship in the UFC.

While in a transition to the mixed martial arts Judoka, Rousy, combined Judo and Jiu-jiutsu. Tate on the other hand was an accomplished wrestler.

Cupcake lost to Rousy’s famous armbar submission followed by a round of grappling.

Although there are heated issues over the competition between the two best fighters in the world, Rousy and Tate would often times express their utmost respect for each other as rivals.

Both women have played very important roles in the mixed martial arts history by bringing the women’s place in the MMA to a higher position. Both are UFC bantamweight title holders.