North Carolina Bathroom Bill Supporters Oppose S.B. 774

On Monday, a “bathroom bill” about the use of the comfort room for transgender stays on hold as legislators have not yet taken any action on it in the capitol.

There are only five votes necessary for the bathroom bill to be passed. Among the five votes, one is Michael Marion’s. He is the current general manager for the Verizon Arena.

General Manager Marion is only one of the leaders in the world of trade and business who firmly stand against the Senate Bill 774 on Wednesday last week.

This Senate Bill 774, also known as “The Physical and Safety Act”, was introduced on March 6, 2017 by Senator Linda Collins-Smith. Ms Collins-Smith states that trans-men and women are to use only the public amenities and facilities according to their biological sex and not their preferred gender.

The Verizon Area manager shared to the committee last Wednesday that he has friends from Greensboro whose shows have been canceled by artists like Bruce Springsteen and Boston. Even the Canadian entertainment company, Cirque Du Soleil, also made cancellations for the location.

The Bathroom Bill was pulled down by the Republican Senator Collins-Smith after she realized that there were not enough votes taken in on Monday to pass the proposed bill.

On the same day, the same people from the trade world showed their support and voiced out their opposition against the S.B. 774. They were the presidents of the Visitors Bureaus and the Little Rock & Hot Springs Convention.

Visit Hot Springs CEO, Steve Arrison, said that the approval of the proposed Senate Bill 774 may cause a potentially harmful effect on Arkansas’ economy and hopes it does not push through in the future.

There were also different groups of trans-people fighting for their rights. The people who would like to oppose the bill rallied up on the stairs of the Capitol on Monday.

Senator Collin-Smith opted not to give her opinion about whether or not she believes her proposed bill has enough support to make it in the congress.

The issue on transgender equality is quite a big battle being fought in the many parts of the United States. Social issues in America differ across the different states and borders. They seem to be having different lifestyles patterned in various eras in the history.

A person’s perspective on social issues may vary according to how a person was raised at home.

The Republicans have fought forcefully against issues on the equality of marriage rights for straight and transgender couples in the United States. However, they have lost in this fight.

Now the issue has been shifted towards American transgenders who were judged as freaks, or that maybe other transmen would only dress as ladies so they can enter the female restrooms and sexually assault the women there.

Republicans from Texas, on the other hand, had announced their “bathroom bill” in January to keep Texas transgender people from the use of bathrooms that are associated with their preferred gender identity.