Police in Tucson, AZ received help from a combination of a fence and some baggy pants belonging to an alleged burglar. The suspect was left hanging upside down when his pants got tangled on the fence.

Fox 10 Phoenix reports that a locksmith was doing some work at a school last Friday when he saw a man attempting to forcibly enter three different classrooms. The suspect ran out of the school after noticing the locksmith and then made an attempt to hop over the spiked fence.

The suspect’s pants got snagged on a fence spike, causing him to turn upside down and ‘pantsing’ him at the same time. Passersby Jesse Sensibar and Kristin Woodall took the photo appearing in this story.

Tucson News Now reported that that the alleged thief was subsequently arrested by police. No one was injured and no students were in class at the time since it was spring break.