Russian Distributor Gave Power Rangers 18+ Rating For Gay Character

On Saturday, a legislator from Russia, Alexei Zhuravlev, suggested that Power Rangers should be given the highest rank of restriction for including an LGBT character.

In 2013, homophobic Zhuravlev, proposed a bill that children should be “removed” under the roofs of gay parents.

For the Russian lawmaker Alexei, the film is likened to a “gay propaganda”. To him, the movie is promoting too much of the LGBT community.

In June 2013, a federal law in Russia called the gay propaganda law (anti-gay law) has been approved. It later on signed to become a law by President Vladimir Putin after two weeks since its approval by the state.

Due to the strict laws in Russia, movie distributors gave the classic film remake Power Rangers with rating of 18+. Many anti-gay lawmakers have already complained about the movie’s LGBT Yellow Ranger character.

On Friday, the film distributor from Russia, WDSSPR (Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing), announced to the participating cinemas that Power Rangers should be given the highest availble rating of restriction for the ages of its audience. Vitaly Milonov, another unyielding lawmaker, recommended that the classic film should be banned in Russia.

Dean Israelite, Power Rangers director, was criticized by Milonov for his remake. Milonov likened the film to fascism or a fascist ideology.

Milonov said in an interview with a Hollywood reporter that fascism is not allowed in Russia and therefore, films like that of Dean’s Power Rangers should be put to ban as well.

Fascism is quite a kind of culture that has been a part of the Russian tradition. Anti-gay laws and culture amongst Russians seem to be perpetual.

Israelite was the same director that gave us the film, “Project Almanac”, back in 2015.

Legislator Alexei also shared to the interviewers from the Hollywood Reporter that other officials would not like to follow some laws that were adopted by the duma, which is the Russian parliament’s lower chamber. Alexei refers to the law that bans the gay propaganda amongst the minors of Russia.

Russia also gave the one of the latest fairytale remakes, Beauty and the Beast, an adult rating for a movie restriction.

According to the St. Petersburg legislator Milonov, the film seemed to promote a perverted kind of sexual relationship with its scenes.

He also became one of the most prominent lawmakers in Russia because of his stand on the anti-gay movements.

Milonov received a Medal of the Order for creating the St. Petersburg Law that allows the banning of homosexuality and pedophilia propaganda among the minors of Russia.

In the United States, Power Rangers, together with the Beauty and the Beast, are expected to outshine other films in the box office. Power Rangers is forecasted to make around $40 Million.

The film Power Rangers includes the character of the Yellow Ranger who is questioning her true sexuality. However, in the United States, it has received only a rating of PG-13. A PG-13 rating signifies that some content of the film may not be appropriate for children under the age of thirteen.