‘Toxic Tush’ doctor receives 10 years for lethal butt injections


A transgender woman from Miami, FL, dubbed “toxic tush” doctor, will serve 10 years in jail for injecting toxic materials such as “Super Glue” and “Fix-a-Flat” automobile tire sealant to enlarge women’s buttocks, causing one of her patient to die.

The New York Daily News reported that Oneal Ron Morris, 36, pled no contest to charges of manslaughter and practicing without a license. Following her prison sentence, Morris will receive an additional five years of probation. Morris apparently accepted the plea deal because she believed that she would not get a fair trial.

One of Morris’ victims was Shatarka Nuby, who received injections from Morris in 2007. Nearly five years later, she died while serving time in prison. It was ultimately revealed that Nuby’s death was directly linked to the toxic injections administered by Morris.

Later, Ms. Nuby’s aunt told police that she went with her niece to a few appointments at Morris’ office. The aunt claimed that the “toxic tush” doctor had informed the pair that she would be injecting Nuby with a silicone product bought from a local Home Depot store.

Speaking in court on Monday, Morris denied that she ever use toxic substances to treat her patients. In 2011, however, several women came forward claiming to have experienced adverse health issues in connection with Morris’ buttocks injections. A judge in Miami-Dade County sentenced the Morris to one year in prison in 2013 for practicing healthcare without a license.